All hail the kale

When juiced, a bushel of fresh Kale yields about two tablespoons of liquid. It could have had something to do with how much I shoved all at once into the chute of the Jack Lalane juicer. The blade was screaming under the pressure I applied to the pressing tool because the leafy stems were stuffed into the chute beyond capacity.

I’m working on homemade vegetable and fruit juice recipes and since Kale is one of the most nutritionally dense vegetables… Most people I know think I already have a bizarre diet and I think it’s about to get even weirder. Tera and I have been talking a lot lately about our diets and the foods we consume and we’re realizing that, despite our conscious habit to buy well at the grocery store, we each have guilty pleasures that are either a) unnatural or b) just plain gross. For example, I love making sandwiches and I go through a pound of lunchmeat a week. Tera buys the occasional bag of Twizzlers or 8-pack of Jello Pudding Snacks but she doesn’t have the same repetitive and staunch habits as I.

We’re slowing moving toward a more natural diet, brushing aside ‘low carb’ and ‘fat free’ claims and opting for foods with fewer ingredients and no preservatives. Or, as food author Michael Pollan says, “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.” No, we haven’t jumped off the deep end all at once but if you see me walking around with a half-eaten raw sweet potato, you’ll know the reason.

So, the Kale juice didn’t taste very good. I added four carrots, a Fuji apple and a sweet potato. I sprinkled in cayenne pepper, black pepper and Tabasco sauce for kick. Still bland. I think the raw kale killed it with its sulfury, chalky taste. I wonder if it’s possible to juice Italian style roast beef…

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4 Responses to All hail the kale

  1. Nick says:

    I think you should juice Mustard Greens, and then tell me how that goes.

  2. courtney says:

    We’ve been, despite needing to accommodate to a fiesty, picky pre-schooler, cleaning the heck out of our diets here. I’ve become a subscriber to the philosophy that if I can’t pronounce the ingredient, it probably shouldn’t go into my body.

    We’ve actually just started the research for a good juicer, and are going to start a little wheatgrass garden, too! I am geekily-excited for this.

    But twizzlers totally rock, too.

  3. June says:

    I have never liked Kale, cooked or raw. Always tasted like feet to me. But you are helping tip me toward using that old ACME juicer that we have in the basement! Maybe when apple season starts 🙂

    Tomato-Roastbeef-Tobasco sounds good to me!

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