“Great, I’m surrounded by A**holes!”

So, you really can have fun playing a completely absurd, pointless and stupid card game. We were on a camping trip recently near Rochester, NY with Tera’s dad, step-mom, sister and brother-in-law. Tera and Katie decided they wanted to play a game called “A**hole” where the players are divided into a caste system (‘President’ is highest and ‘The A**hole’ is lowest) and the former gets less cards than the latter and the object is to get rid of your hand of cards fastest. A 4 is the lowest card but a 2 is higher than a 3 and a 6 and a 9 together beats all and ends any given hand. Confused? Yeah, the game really doesn’t make any sense and seems to break all the common rules of many playing card games.

The best part of the game is that the President presides over all and can make a demand or command to any player during the game. The A**hole gets to do the same but only while dealing (The A**hole always deals). Brother-in-law Kyle and I sarcastically voiced our disdain for this game while the girls were trying to teach us the rules. Then we ended up becoming the President and A**hole for the rest of the night and we made sure to torture the loyal servants. I was shuffling cards when Katie cracked opened a can of cold Labatt Blue. The look on her face was gold when I said, “And you will finish that beer before I’m done dealing.” Kyle and I were ruthless. We made our wives and in-laws do pushups, jumping jacks, chug beer, loudly sing the Star Spangled Banner while sitting in the tent, make goat noises on every discard, stay silent and even speak only in movie quotes. NOTE: I think everyone did get the chance to be President at least once over the two nights we played and payback was a bitch but Kyle and I ruled the top and bottom ends of the caste system for the majority of the playing time.

I never played drinking games when I was in high school or college (I was and still am a square) and after this camping trip I now feel like I got to enjoy something I missed out on earlier in life. Only we put a little more intelligent effort into it than “let’s get drunk.” Ahhh, family memories from the “JCP Jamboree”.

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One Response to “Great, I’m surrounded by A**holes!”

  1. Tee says:

    Fun times! Glad Katie and I could corrupt you and Kyle, better late than never 🙂

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